What to Expect when Getting a Puppy!

As a new puppy owner you can expect to get a healthy, energetic, and loving puppy! 

Why all of this talk about puppy training?


River Rock puppies are highly intelligent and fun!  We try to expose them to as much as we can in a safe and educational manner.  We raise them in our home environment and introduce them to as many people as we can think of.  We use the Puppy Culture method of training and invite previous and current puppy parents to our house to help with socialization...Yay a puppy party!!  

River Rock puppies are active, playful, and intelligent; which may lead to puppy boredom and undesirable habits when not trained early.  They are a big dog in a little body with brains that prove to be constantly thinking.  River Rock pups are often great at agility and love to learn.  The more you teach them, the more they thrive!

So...you might ask how do I get this sweet puppy to be the best version of itself with my family?


This is where you the new puppy parent puts time and commitment into your furbaby and trains him or her.   We have done this ourselves with our very own dogs.  Our Phoebe was a shy puppy who didn't have much interest in all of this social and cuddle business. So we decided that we would try a bit of our own recommendation and train her in a 4 week class session starting at 8 weeks old.  The first week was a little rough, she wasn't fond of these other puppies that she didn't know, and who thought biting her bum and wrestling was fun.  However, this treat business was very appealing!  We progressed through the next few weeks with her eventually being the one initiating the wrestling and graduating at top of her class!  This little smarty moved on to big dog classes at 13 weeks and our little Phoebe was surpassing her fellow (slightly older) dog students in training class.  She would have the training down and be waiting for her classmates to figure it out; of course she would get tired a little quicker (being a baby and all), but she loved it! 


The idea is to train them before 20 weeks! These little puppy brains are developing and learning at such a rate that training that occurs between birth and 20 weeks is foundational.  They keep this training and it becomes part of who they are!  Guess what that means...that means if we do nothing or let those "cute" puppy behaviors slide at that young impressional age they stick and then the undesirable behavior that is no longer "cute" as an adult will have to be trained out of them.

This is why we use Puppy Culture training when the pups are here with us and why we strongly encourage all of our puppy parents to expose their puppy to early training and socialization!  

All of that work pays off and you have the best puppy that you can hope for!

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