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Pumpkin's parents say...

Laura and family —

"We’re so thankful for Pumpkin. He’s a super little guy who loves life. So brave, playful, and smart. He gets along great with people and his dog-siblings. He’s so far ahead with potty training and leash training… we suspect you had something to do with this! His 3rd vet appointment is coming up.

What we’ve learned: He loves food (chicken and carrots especially), toys, warm baths, outdoor “pack walks,” his bike trailer, and caves (aka, under the couch and the bed covers, or in his dog house). But his absolute favorite thing is sitting in laps. He’s got a sixth sense for it — no matter where you are in the house, if you’re sitting on the floor, he’ll come bounding into your lap and conk out for a nap.

We love our little Pumpkin! :)"


~Mae~ 6 months old
Mae's mom says... "Mae is such a sweet, smart and beautiful puppy!  


Harlee's parent's say...

"Just thought I would send you a quick note to let you know how Harlee is doing. In a word"awesome!"
She has acclimated beautifully. Our oldest dog is accepting of her it's our young one who is not too sure yet, but it has only been a couple days.
We bought bells for the doors and have been training her to go to the door and hit the bells, we then take her out. She has already gone to the door and hit the bells on her own and we have immediately taken her out and she does her business!
I also want to thank you for the adorable bag, toys and cute blanket you sent home with her! Having her own bag will make it easier to get her things to and from the office. She sleeps at night with the sweet blanket, and loves her toys!
Thank you again for everything, we are loving our precious new baby!"


Coming Soon!


Coco's parent's say...

"I tell you I just fall more in love with this dog everyday! She has such a funny personality. She's very sweet and I absolutely love that she follows me everywhere! She's really playful, but pretty mellow for a puppy. She rode on my paddle board with me and couldn't have been cuter!"

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