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New Puppy Adoption

Thank you for your interest in our beautiful and intelligent multi-generational Australian Labradoodles! 

Please fill out the River Rock Farm Labradoodles new puppy application/questionnaire below, and we will contact you to discuss puppy availabilty.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Last Name
Street Address/ City / State / Postal Code
Is there anything specific you are looking for in your puppy? (personality trait or temperament)
Have you owned a dog before?
Do you have a gender preference? If so which one?
Do you own any other animals? If yes, what kind and/or breed?
Do you have children? If yes, what are there ages?
Where will the puppy sleep at night?
What is the name of the nearest airport should you need the puppy transported to you?
Should you find yourself unable to care for your puppy at any point in time, we request that you notify us so that we may
I understand that should I decide I am no longer interested in a puppy before one is placed with me that I will forfeit my
How did you hear about us?
Do you have a fenced yard OR are you prepared to walk your dog several times daily?
First Name
Any additional information or questions that you would like to add?
Are you aware of and willing to take on the time, energy, and responsibility, of a new puppy?
Are you committed to taking care of this puppy for the remainder of his or her life? (The average life span is 13-15 years)
We strongly recommend obedience training and recommend a minimum of (2) month long sessions. This helps to socialize
What is the name and phone number of the veterinarian clinic you will be using? Have you used this vet before?
If you're unsure about training options, would you like suggestions?
your puppy and makes for a well-adjusted pet that is more strongly bonded to the owner. Do you have any plans for training?
If yes, may we contact them for a reference?
reservation fee or deposit (if one has been placed)* (Please type answer: Yes, I agree or No, I do not)
assist in re-homing your dog. Do you agree to this? * (Please type either: Yes or No)
Please type yes or no
Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application.  This application does not guarantee a place on the reservation list.  The breeder reserves the right to refuse any application.