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About us
River Rock Farm is a dedicated and resposible in home breeder, not a kennel.  We offer puppies on a limited basis  from  our 2 miniature labradoodles "Percy " and "Kara".  Our dogs live in our home as members of our family and are loved and cared for with thehelp of our children, their friends, and of course my husband and I.  Our pets play an important role in our lives while bringing up a family of 6 with compassion and responsibilities to these beautiful and loving pets.  

We live on 9 acres with a beatiful view of Mt. Spokane with our four horses, five little hens, and our family dogs which include our 2 amazing miniature Australian Labradoodles.  Our dogs have all the love they can handle and sleep in our rooms and sometimes on our beds.  It is shown that temperament can indeed be passed down to puppies from their parents and we firmly believe that home raised dogs that are a valuable part of a loving family are the most well adjusted and tend to have the most mellow temperaments, therefore produce the most stable tempered puppies.  Our puppies are raised right here in our home.  When they reach 4 weeks of age they are moved from their whelping box into a safe puppy area in our living room.  With the puppies in the central area of our house they are exposed to many of the every day noise and activities of a normal family household.  Thus producing well rounded, socialized, and confident puppies.  

We also believe that the decision of bringing an Australian labradoodle, or any dog for that matter, into your home and into your family is a big decision! Your journey should begin with a quality Australian labradoodle breeder who openly welcomes your questions and concerns. We don’t consider any question to be a silly question and we welcome any and all questions that you may have.  Our goal is to place our Australian labradoodle puppies with forever families who will treat them as a member of their family, and to provide exceptional communication and service to our families along the way. All families who have submitted an application and have placed a deposit on a litter will recieve updates, photos, and occasional videos of the puppies as they grow.  We offer lifetime support and hope that you will contact us with any questions or concerns as your Australian labradoodle puppy grows older.
Our puppies are socialized with not only, an abundance of children (young and old), but other dogs as well.  We have a very busy household and they will be surrounded by things like the vacuum, other dogs, the doorbell (everyone wants to see the puppies), dish washer, washer/dryer, the TV, music, and depending on weather, the potential for play time in the snow.  We do start crate training and basic potty training.  Our puppies will go on rides in the car to the vet a few times while with us and this helps prepare them for their ride home with you to there forever home.