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River Rock Farms Labradoodles is a small family breeder of two loving, intelligent, and ​​​​​allergy-friendly multi-generational miniature Australian Labradoodles.  We are dedicated to maintaining the breeds naturally friendly, affectionate, and intelligent temperament that make Australian Labradoodles the perfect companion for your family!

About River Rock Farm Labradoodles

River Rock Farms Labradoodles is located in the beautiful Inland northwest on 9 acres that overlook Mt. Spokane.  We believe in breeding  our multi-generational  miniature Australian Labradoodles with compassion and integrity. Our family considers it an honor to have the opportunity and  ability to raise these puppies in our home as a part of our family until they are ready to go home with you!   The puppies bring an abundant amount of joy to our household and we know that you will feel the same when you take them home.  Our puppies are cared for as our own while they are here with us, we take them on car rides, visit the vet, visit family, and over all get attached to them.  Of course we are happy for them to move on to our fabulous families, and love it all the more when we get updates on how well they are doing so that we can pass that information on to our future puppy families.  

Our dogs and puppies live in our home and are part of our family from day one; therefore,  ensuring that each puppy is loved and socialized as family members.  Once the puppies reach 4 weeks of age they spend most of their day in our living room where they can play and be socialized  with our family and friends which include our 4 children.   We believe that home/family raised dogs have better temperaments than dogs raised in kennels, therefore our dogs are never kept in a kennel (however, we do start crate training).  As the pups get older  we expand their adventures to include some outside time by opening the puppy door from our living room to their dedicated potty area outside where they continue their potty training. 
Our family at River Rock Farm are dedicated to giving our dogs the best opportunities possible.  We feed only biologically appropriate food to our dogs, which includes a mixture of kibble and raw food.   In addition to working closely with our veterinarian to ensure our dogs health, we also work very closely with  a reputable trainer to enhance our puppies experiences so that they are ready to start further training when they go home with you.
River Rock Farm also practices an early stimulation technique called "Bio-Sensor " on all of our puppies. We believe that early stimulation of our multigen labradoodle puppies is beneficial to their life-long health and overall success. It is for this reason that we use a series of techniques (taken from the Bio-sensor Program aka Super Dog Program) from day 3 to day 16 of your labradoodle puppy’s life. Please click on the link above for more detailed information.