Welcome To River Rock Farm Australian Labradoodles

Why choose a River Rock puppy?

River Rock Farms Australian Labradoodles is a small family breeder of two loving, intelligent, and ​​​​​allergy-friendly multi-generational miniature Australian Labradoodles.  We are dedicated to maintaining the breeds naturally friendly, affectionate, and intelligent temperament that make Australian Labradoodles the perfect companion for your family!

Our family at River Rock Farm is dedicated to giving our dogs the best opportunities possible.  We feed only biologically appropriate food to our dogs, which includes a mixture of kibble and raw food.  What our dogs eat is as important to their health as what we as humans eat.


River Rock Farms has a wonderful veterinarian that sees our puppies at least twice before they go home to you!  Once when they are first born and again when they are 7-8 weeks old.


Additionally, we like to encourage our puppy parents to plan some puppy training for themselves and the puppy when they bring their fur baby home.  Training not only gives your puppy confidence, but creates a stronger bond between your family and your new puppy.  To do our part we begin your puppy's training here with Jane Killian's Puppy Culture program in hopes that you will continue to give your puppy the tools to become that amazing family member that we know he or she can be!


What do I get when I purchase a 

River Rock puppy?

Aside from a loving, sweet, and cuddly puppy...

  • Puppy completed Puppy Culture and our developmental and enrichment program

  • Foundational puppy training started (clicker/positive reinforcement training)—The pups will have started learning manners, such as to sit to come out of their playpen and to sit quietly in front of you when they want attention or treats. 

  • Raised in a loving home, exposed to and ready for life in a home setting. 

  • Support from Breeder in the transition from our home to yours and lifetime breeder support

  • Two Year Health guarantee

  • 4 generation Pedigree

  • SuperDog - neurological imprinting (also known as Biosensor or Early Neurological Stimulation) 

  • In-home socialization with other dogs, children, and more

  • Raised using Jane Killion's Puppy Culture Enrichment Program, shown to increase the size of a puppy's brain, increase their resilience to stress, and enhance their emotional stability. 

  • Crate training started

  • Potty training started

  • Vaccines and wormings appropriate for their age

  • Microchipped

  • Written Veterinarian health clearance

  • Handling for grooming and veterinarian care started

  • Experience with bath times

  • Starter bag of N&D puppy food and a couple day supply of Answers raw food

  • Puppy blanket (with litter scent)

  • Collar and leash

  • Toys

River Rock Farms



Call Laura @  (509)238-9477 or

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